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CRFPD has a limited number of career staff and interns, making volunteers a vital part of their response team.  Volunteers receive standardized training in firefighter skills and become DPSST certified prior to response in the field.  Volunteer firefighters may also choose to receive additional training to advance their skills to the Firefighter II level, and/or become Apparatus Operators and Instructors.


A volunteer may also choose to take a college course to become certified as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), enabling them to respond and provide patient care on medical calls.


Volunteers who wish to assist but do not want to become a firefighter or EMT have the option of becoming part of the rehabilitation team.  The rehab team responds and sets up a staging area on fire calls, providing refreshments and basic vital assessments on firefighters who have been rotated out to their assigned break from firefighting duties.




In addition to providing invaluable training, CRFPD also enrolls active volunteers into a retirement program.  Volunteers earn points by attending drill and responding on calls.  Those points are tallied at the end of each year and are converted into a dollar value that is deposited into the volunteer's individual retirement account. 


The volunteer sleep program is a way for the Firefighter/EMT to make some extra money by spending the night at the station and responding on emergency calls.  The Clatskanie station has 3 bedrooms individually equipped with a bed and TV.  One bedroom is reserved for career staff and the other two are open for volunteers and interns.  Once qualified to become a sleeper, a volunteer may choose to have an assigned night or pick from available open nights on a random basis.  Volunteers earn $25.00 for each night they sleep and are paid monthly.


Once qualified to respond on the ambulance, volunteers receive a $20.00 stipend for each transport to the hospital they respond on.  Ambulance checks are issued on a quarterly basis.




Volunteering is an excellent opportunity for you to give back to your community. Call or stop by the Main Station in Clatskanie for a volunteer application and additional information on the program. 


280 SE Third St / PO Box 807; Clatskanie, OR 97016
Phone 503-728-2025 / Fax 503-728-4388