Burn Regulations

Today is Not a Burn Day


Backyard burning is Closed in Columbia County. 

9/3/15 - This includes cooking and warming fires.

Contact Oregon Department of Forestry Regarding chainsaw use. 

ODF Columbia Unit can be contacted at (503) 397-2636

Click here to find precaution levels.

Clatskanie is in Regulated Use Area NW-3.

Stay informed! Call 503-728-2131

Before you burn

Burn Permits are valid until the end of the burn season of issuance. 

As specified by CRFPD, burning permits are required for all open burning in the Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District service area, including small recreational fires. Please follow all burning regulations and directions very carefully. Burning permits will NOT be issued to businesses, churches, industries, institutions, building contractors or multi-dwelling sites.  The burn permits issued through our website are for residential burning only.  If you need a special burn permit, please visit Clatskanie Fire at 280 SE 3rd Street for more information.