Mission Statement / Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the community by excellence in prevention and mitigation of hazardous situations with safe and effective response.

Organizational Values

The Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District is committed to upholding the following values in how we run our organization and how we conduct ourselves professionally.

  • We value loyalty. Loyalty is the faithful adherence to our members, our organization, and our community. It is the thread that binds our actions together allowing us to support each other, our families, our organization, and our community.

  • We value duty. Duty is the legal or moral obligation to accomplish all assigned or implied tasks to the fullest of one's ability. Every member must take initiative to do what needs to be done. Duty requires a willingness to be accountable for a person's action and performance while requiring leaders to anticipate what is necessary for the situation.

  • We value respect. Respect is treating others with consideration, compassion, and honor. It is the ability to accept others, acknowledge their worth without feeling obligated to embrace all their ideas.

  • We value selfless service. Selfless service places your duty before your personal desires. It is that ability to endure hardships against insurmountable odds because of your respect for your fellow members and the community.

  • We value honor. Honor is living up to our values both on and off duty. It starts with being honest with one's self and being truthful and sincere in out actions. It establishes healthy pride in self, organization and community.

  • We value integrity. Integrity means to firmly adhere to a code of moral and ethical principles. Members must possess high moral standards and be honest in word and deed.

  • We value intestinal fortitude. Intestinal fortitude is overcoming the fear of bodily harm while performing your duty safely. It includes the moral courage to overcome psychological and real fears while doing what is right, even if unpopular.

  • We value safety. Safety of our members, actions, and community is a priority. We value a safe working, training and operational environment.

  • We value responsible citizenship. Responsible citizenship is an individual's demonstration of love and devotion in response to duties, rights and privileges as a member of the community, organization, and country. It is the living out of our principles as part of the organization, community and country.

  • We value professionalism. Professionalism is the meticulous adherence to undeviating courtesy, honesty, and responsibility in one's dealings with citizens and members. It is a level of excellence that goes above commercial considerations and legal requirements. It requires quality ethics, and positive attitude while striving for training, education, and task mastery.

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